Here is the GFTU celebrating over a 115 years of unique experience in the trade union and Labour Movement – strong, united, expanding our services and entirely confident that despite all the difficulties and attacks, trade unions are here to stay. In fact they will prosper. One of the great pleasures of 2014 was to see new trade unions emerging and talking to us about how to grow and build. There is no ready-made template on how to do it. We just have to support each other. These are exciting times.

The best trade union in the country is probably only as good as its worst Branch. Our support is geared to the middle and long term future helping to make every workplace strong in the here and now.

We aim to support all areas of union development and give voice to the specialist unions.

We are here to stay.

We are going to train up a new generation of leaders. We are not going to lose the knowledge of the veterans who shaped the movement. We value our history and have a vision for our future. This year we launch a new workplace reps certificate and hope affiliates will see it as an opportunity to grow their own.

We are going to reach out into the arts to support cultural workers and demonstrate to unions how important such work is.

We are going to follow up our successful economic seminars with robust work on the economy and manufacturing industry. We are going to speak up even more loudly for public ownership and thriving public services.

We are going to support each and every one of our affiliates when they need us and keep on improving our existing support to them.

We’ve had tough times and they are not over yet, but there should be a new spring of confidence in the air of all trade unionists. Get to know the GFTU more, join us and make us stronger.

Keep a close eye on the website for details of forthcoming events and training and how to apply.


Doug Nicholls,
General Secretary